Five class meeting questions for the summer term


Stuck for a class meeting question to ask before the end of term?

Here’s five ideas, feel free to use and change them for use in your school. We’ve included some possible answer options to get you inspired to set up a meeting.

Let us know if you use any of them!

How do you think we can improve our Smart School Council?

Answer options:

  • More class meetings

  • New Action Teams

  • Improving questions

  • Improving Communication Team

Now it’s getting warmer outside, what can we do to be safe in the sun?

Answer options:

  • Stay in the shade

  • Wear sun tan lotion

  • Wear a hat

Which activity would you like to see at sports day?

Answer options:

  • Teacher race

  • Egg and spoon race

  • Three-legged race

What factor influenced your decision from primary to secondary school?

Answer options:

  • Year 6 visit

  • Form Tutor

  • Friends from primary

  • Meeting new friends

Which after school clubs shall we set up next year?

Answer options:

  • Reading

  • Revision

  • Fitness

  • Puzzles

  • Maths

Let us know if you use any of them, and how you get on!