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  • You’ll be able to easily involve 100% of your pupils.

  • You’ll get access to our Smart School Council Manual with clear steps to set up the programme in your school

  • You’ll be able to track and evidence participation for Ofsted’s British Values

  • You’ll create a truly inclusive school council that involves every voice

What do I actually get?

  • Smart School Council Manual - gives you a clear step by step plan

  • Class Meeting Tool - to run short pupil-led meetings 

  • Access to involvement data to demonstrate to Ofsted how pupils are involved in democracy

  • Support from our school council experts

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Ofsted Report - Burnage Academy for Boys 2018. Rated Outstanding

“Leaders ensure that pupils have a strong voice in the running of their school. For example, all pupils are expected to contribute to the work of the school council.

Small groups undertake activities in response to priorities recommended and voted on by pupils. Similarly, some of the clubs offered by the school are run by pupils as a service to others.”