Involving every pupil's voice


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How I join the programme?

There’s two ways to ways you can join the Smart School Councils programme

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Option 1:

Join as a member

Join as a member of the Smart School Council programme and get all the resources, tools and support you need.

  • The Smart School Council Manual - your step by step guide with all the resources you need to implement the model in your school

  • The Class Meeting Tool - the tool that we help you set up to run short, pupil-led meetings in every class or form. These enable every pupil’s voice to get involved.

  • Support from us if you need a hand. We’re always on hand to have a quick call or reply to your email if you’re stuck.

  • Joining as a member costs £129 for a primary, SEN or PRU and £149 for a secondary. It is an annual fee.

Option 2:

Attend CPD (membership included)

Attending CPD gives you a good understanding of the programme, the tools you will use and a network of schools for you to share ideas with.

  • We hold these CPD sessions every term in locations across the UK

  • Attending the CPD really helps you to kick off your Smart School Council, but it optional.

  • 100% of 500+ participants would recommend the course to a colleague

  • Attending our CPD course costs £249 and includes membership (option 1)