Data sharing agreement

Please read this agreement and authorise at the bottom of the page.

This Data Sharing Agreement (the Agreement) reflects the reasons, processes and procedures for sharing Personal Data. It was signed in May 2018.

Parties to the sharing of Personal Data
Smart School Councils, Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Enterprise Unit 12, Town Hall Approach Road, London, N15 4RX
Outlandish, 149 Fonthill Rd, London N4 3HF

Review of Agreement
This Agreement will be reviewed Annually. The date of the next review is in May 2019. The person responsible for instigating this review is Greg Sanderson, Co-Founder, Smart School Councils.

Purpose/reason for sharing and benefits:
This is a voluntary requirement. Sharing personal data provides improved service provision for schools. Using the Class Meeting Tool, they can track involvement for project ideas and ensure that every pupil can get involved in developing skills. 

Details of the type/s of data to be shared:
Data type/description: First name, class/form group, school

Data storage used:
Database/storage medium: AWS RDS MySQL Database in Ireland
Smart School Councils information management systems (UK only)

Consent/legal basis
The processing of Personal Data must be both fair and lawful. State why you have arrived at this decision referencing any relevant legislation: It is fair and lawful for schools to provide data which allows them to improve educational provision and outcomes. 

No sensitive data is being shared.

The Data Protection Act, 1998, Schedule 2 (and Schedule 3 if Sensitive Personal Data is to be shared) conditions that allows the sharing – see DPA schedules: 

How will individuals be informed of the sharing of data?
Smart School Councils Privacy Policy for schools

How will you gain explicit consent if you are sharing Sensitive Personal Data?

Data storage and transfer:
Software format/s used e.g. Word, Excel, CSV etc.
All data stored in a MySQL Database. Data available to download as a CSV.

Will all software formats use encryption to secure data?
Encrypted in line with Outlandish and Smart School Council Security Policy. CSVs downloaded over secure (HTTPS) connections only.

Physical transfer method/s e.g. memory stick, laptop, paper documents etc.
All communication will be by email

Data quality
It is important that Personal Data is kept accurate and up to date. Include a statement to commit to the accuracy and completeness of the data exchanged, including a process for informing all relevant parties of any inaccuracies identified

Data quality statement
Smart School Councils is responsible for ensuring information is entered accurately into their systems 

Frequency, retention and monitoring
Smart School Councils is responsible for maintaining files and data. Files are retained for the period of the membership plus one year.

Smart School Councils will be responsible for ensuring staff are aware of this Agreement. Regular monitoring of processes is undertaken as part of staff development.

Data security management
Information Security Breaches (ISBs) – 
The school will inform Smart School Councils immediately any ISB involving transferred information is discovered by emailing [email protected] Smart School Councils Data Protection Officer  will be responsible for coordinating activity in relation to any ISB and for updating this protocol as necessary. 

Smart School Councils will be responsible for ensuring staff are aware of this Agreement through electronic updates and team meetings

Subject Access Requests 
Smart School Councils will process SARs in accordance with information management and data protection policies and procedures. Individuals are informed about information sharing through the Privacy Statement for our Customers.

Principle 8 of the Data Protection Act 1998 relates to data being transferred to other countries. State if this is applicable and if so what measures are to be implemented to ensure data security.
Authorised Agreement
I the undersigned certify that the Personal Data will not be disclosed to unauthorised persons and will be used only for the stated purpose/s. 

The Data and their Purposes of Use are Notified under the Data Protection Act 1998 and my organisation/company is committed to compliance with the Data Protection Principles.
Greg Sanderson on behalf of Smart School Councils