Involving every pupil's voice

Training to help your Communication Team be empowered and self-managing

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Communication Team training


Making sure your Communication Team is working effectively and understands their individual roles is crucial to the success of the Smart School Council programme. This training will help them to:


To ensure every member of the Communication Team feels empowered and prepared to get every pupil in the school involved. It will help them to:

  • Understand the purpose of the Communication Team

  • Learn about its five key roles

  • Reflect on their skillset and what roles to take

  • Build a strong team spirit and be more self-managing

  • Recognise what a good Communication Team meeting looks like

Time and resources

This workshop is two hours long. We’ll need a projector, screen and flipchart paper.

Learning outcomes

  • Participants understand the vital role they play in facilitating the entire school community to engage in democracy and learn new skills.

  • Participants recognise their specific role within the wider Communications Team.

  • Participants identify what and when their role requires them to act and what resources they might require.

  • The group is as self-managing as possible, take ownership and don’t rely on staff to run the Communication Team. Participants .

Download workshop plan

You can download the workshop plan here.


This training costs £350. To book, click the button below.

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