Involving every pupil's voice
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Ambassador School Programme


The Smart School Council Ambassador School programme is designed to celebrate your school’s success in embedding the Smart School Council model and involving every child.

Who is it for?

The programme is for schools who have embedded the Smart School Council model and want to take the next step on their journey - creating class meeting questions across groups of schools. We call these symphony meetings.

What are we looking for?

We want to see that your Smart School Council is functioning well and embedded into the life of the school.

For schools who have successfully embedded the programme, the process of becoming an Ambassador should not be long and difficult.

What is the process?

Take a look at what we’re looking for below.

What do you get?

Schools who successfully become Ambassador Schools will receive:

  • An Ambassador School Certificate to display in your school

  • A digital badge to post on your website

  • Our new Smart School Council Communication Team badges for every member of your Communication Team

  • A written up case study on the Smart School Councils website

  • First access to new tools, resources and events.

How much does it cost?

There is a small £199 registration fee to cover our charity’s time when supporting your school and checking the evidence provided.

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Become an Ambassador School


Step 1: register for the programme

The first step is to register by clicking the link below. We’ll have a quick check of your Class Meeting data to check your school is a good fit for the programme.

If you are, we’ll send you confirmation that you’re on the programme within five working days.

You can register for the programme any time in the school year.

Step 2: fill out initial survey

Once you’ve got confirmation, we will be in touch to ask you a few questions about your Class Meetings, Communication Team and Action Teams.

This will be a short survey that the lead teacher and Communication Team should fill out.

Step 3: Checklist

Member schools will complete the following checklist of activity. We will support this work with an Ambassador Schools Guidance Pack.

  1. Website

    Create a profile of your Smart School Council and its activity on your school website.

  2. Blog

    Write a blog for the Smart School Councils blog telling our community about your progress this academic year.

  3. Symphony question

    We’ll support you to organise a symphony class meeting question. This is a class meeting that doesn’t just involve your own school, but other schools in your local community! Your pupils will come up with a question and we’ll support your school to get other local schools involved.

  4. Call with lead teacher

    We’d arrange a short telephone call with the lead teacher to understand your progress and see the areas you’d like to improve.

Step 4: fill out end survey

When you’re ready, the lead teacher and Communication Team will fill out a short survey to complete your application to become an Ambassador School.

This will ask a few questions about the checklist and how you’ve found the process.

Step 5: find out if you’ve been successful

The Smart School Council team will confirm we’ve received your full application and check the answers to your survey.


If you’ve got any questions about the Ambassador School programme, get in touch with us at [email protected]