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Training to help new Action Teams to lead change

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Action Team training


Action Teams are the real starts of your Smart School Council. They are leading on projects, events and campaigns. Making sure they understand how to work effectively and understand how to plan and lead change is crucial. This training will help them to:


To make sure pupils who have started or thinking of starting an Action Team feels empowered and prepared to lead on social action. It will help them to:

  • Get ideas for an Action Team

  • Understand what an Action Team is

  • Learn about Action Team planning and how to be self-managing

  • Reflect on their skillset and what roles to take within their Action Team

  • Recognise how well their Action Team is going and help them to evaluate progress.

Time and resources

This workshop is two hours long. We’ll need a projector, screen and flipchart paper.

Learning outcomes

  • Participants understand the vital role they play in leading social action in their school community

  • Participants develop organisation skills and confidence to lead their own Action Team

  • Participants recognise and reflect on their own skills in an Action Team

  • Participants identify what and when their role requires them to act and what resources they might require.

Workshop plan

Depending on what stage you’re at with Action Teams, we’ll send you a workshop plan when you make an enquiry.


This training costs £350. To book, click the button below.

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